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TIA Greeting 2019
Teach in Asia program is suspended for Summers of 2020 and 2021 due to COVID travel restrictions and lack of vaccination. A decision for Summer 2022 will be made in late summer / early fall of 2021.

Asia Institute - Crane House offers an excellent opportunity for American educators to visit Asia and provide crucial language and cross-cultural experiences for Asian teachers and students.

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Teach in Asia (TIA) Program

The Asia Institute - Crane House sends teachers with a sense of adventure and a curiosity about the world to participate in a unique opportunity to visit Asia to provide English language instruction and cross-cultural experiences to Asian teachers and students. Fill out the application form below if you want to be part of the team next summer!

Since 1988, AICH has sponsored a Teach in Asia program. In cooperation with Asian educational institutes, Crane House provides short-term, intensive conversational English training for Asian teachers and/or students at select Asian education host sites.

The main purposes of TIA:

  • Provide learning opportunities for Asian teachers and students to improve their English speaking and listening skills both inside and outside the classroom
  • Present creative techniques for language acquisition and practice
  • Promote better understanding between Asians and Americans
  • Inspire teachers and students to continue their interest in cross-cultural exchange
  • Provide an experience to American teachers that will inspire colleagues and students to expand their understanding and appreciation of Asia and Asian culture

As a native-speaker of English the TIA teacher conducts classes focused primarily on conversational English and American culture. Classes usually meet 5 days a week, mornings and afternoons, based on a schedule set by the host institutions. This intensive setting facilitates total immersion in the English language and instills confidence in students and teachers to use the language in the classroom and beyond. The TIA program duration is usually two to three weeks during the month of July.

Locations of Asian host institutions vary by country and program year. Recent sites in China include Fujian province, Jiujiang (Louisville’s Sister City), and Chengdu. Korean teaching site is Seoul.

Click HERE for an application. Applications close November 25, 2019.

If you have questions or need more information please email Ruchi Malhotra at [email protected] or call 502-632-1215.

Responsibilities and Costs:

Currently the teacher financial responsibility is estimated at $2,200. The Asia Institute-Crane House and Chinese host institutions incur most other costs. Among the benefits provided to participants are:

  • Coordination of all travel arrangements(Flights, Visa processing, Site Coordination, Administrative oversight of TIA, etc.)
  • Cultural immersion trip (tours, travel, room and board)
  • Asian travel arrangements and major Asian travel costs
  • Training sessions for all participants
  • Room and board, food, local day trips, and local transportation provided by the Asian teaching host site

Participating TIA teachers are required to attend an orientation in January, as well as monthly training sessions February – June.

Participants are required to maintain a high level of tact, cultural sensitivity, and professional standards in while working and living in Asia as part of the TIA program.

*Subsidies, provided by the Freeman Foundation.


Knowledge of an Asian language is NOT a requirement to participate in TIA.

  • Individuals must be flexible and adaptable
  • Individuals must be able to effectively work as a team member
  • Individuals must have strong organizational and leadership capabilities
  • Individuals must be able to effectively convey new ideas through creative instruction
  • Classroom teaching experience in an academic setting is highly desirable, but documented non-classroom, non-academic instruction experience may be assessed as a substitute qualification
  • Individuals should be interested and appreciative of Asian cultures

Notification of acceptance into the TIA program will be made soon. Placement at a teaching site is subject to final approval by the Asian teaching site host, and will be determined prior to the start of the program.

For an Application
Applications for the TIA program year are being accepted until November 25, 2019.
Click HERE for an application
Please fill out and submit. Please also send resume to Ruchi Malhotra at [email protected], or mail to:
TIA Program
Crane House
1244 S. Third St.
Louisville, KY 40203

For additional questions, please email Ruchi Malhotra at [email protected]