Groups & Schools

Adult Group Tours

Adult Group Tours can be arranged for groups with at least 10 members. AICH tours are facilitated by trained educators. Each tour lasts approximately one hour and can be tailored to meet a variety of interests.
All group tours should be scheduled at least three weeks in advance using the online Group Tour Request Form.

What Groups Need to Know

  • Tours are available year round.
  • Reservations must be made at least three weeks in advance.
  • Groups can choose to take self-guided tours materials provided by AICH at no cost.

Tour Activities

As the regions only Asian cultural center, AICH provides an Asia Corp member will share insights on the topic of your choice. Tours are 1 hour in length.

Exhibition / Galleries Tour (Needs INFO)

The Way of Tea

The Japanese Tea Ceremony, or the Way of Tea, is a ritual involving the ceremonial preparation and presentation of powdered green tea or matcha. A local tea expert will demonstrate a traditional tea ceremony and describe the specific utensils, movements and steps used.

Calligraphy / Brush Painting

Chinese Calligraphy and Chinese Brush Painting are art forms that through study and practice reveal an understanding of Chinese culture. In a workshop led by a local expert, students practice the basics of calligraphy while also learning to appreciate the Chinese written language.

School Groups

Pre K-12
Expand your classroom by incorporating AICH into your curriculum this school year. Plan a field trip or request an in-classroom visit by one of our cultural experts.

Plan a Field Trip

Visits to AICH can include tours, hands-on experiences, food preparation and movement workshops. Tours of AICH galleries are available to educational groups (preschools, after-school programs, homeschool groups and traditional classrooms) for grades preschool and up. View our tour options.

  • All school tours require 3 weeks notice. Submit your online School Tour Request Form here.
  • For every 15 students under the age of 13, 1 adult chaperone is required.
  • Minimum group size for a workshop is 15 students.
  • School tour hours are: Tuesday through Friday 10am to 3pm; After school and weekend tours are also available upon special request (4 weeks notice is required)All guided tours are conducted by professionally trained volunteer educators who are specifically assigned to your tour.
  • If students have studied a particular topic before their visit and you would like to carry that topic over into their AICH visit, please select the most relevant themed tour and note this on the online request form. All attempts will be made to accommodate the request.

After Your Tour is Finalized
You will receive an email with your tour confirmation attached, as well as tour information sheets, AICH guidelines, parking information, etc.

NOTE: Your tour is not officially scheduled until you receive this confirmation. Please contact the director of education, Ruchi Malhotra, immediately if any of the following occur:
  • Your confirmation or tour materials contain inaccurate information or do not arrive shortly after you scheduled your tour.
  • The number of students who will be visiting changes.
  • You must cancel a scheduled tour.
  • Your arrival is delayed for any reason.

NOTE: Gallery space and Aisa Corp members cannot be guaranteed for groups arriving more than 15 minutes late unless the AICH has been notified of the delayed arrival. The Museum cannot extend tour times to accommodate late arrivals. Your tour will end at the scheduled time regardless of when you arrived.

AICH Guidelines
  • Do not touch any of the works of art. This includes walls and pedestals on which art is displayed.
  • Pens and colored pencils are not allowed in the galleries.
  • Food, beverages and gum are not permitted in the galleries.
  • Photography of special exhibitions and works on loan is not permitted.

Parking Information
AICH is grateful to the teachers, parents and other adults who take the time to join their children and students in their ExplorAISA experience. We value your time and we believe you can play a key role in making your child’s visit more enjoyable and educational. The information below will help prepare you for your visit.

Overview of Field Trips at the AICH
  • Tours for students in grades 4-12 last approximately 60 minutes. Tours for students in grades preschool-3 last approximately 45 minutes.
  • Tours may be led by an AICH volunteer Asia Corp member or by the teacher (a self-guided tour).
  • ExplorAISA tours are typically organized around a general theme and are designed to be grade specific.
  • Tours are designed to actively engage students in the galleries and often include both discussion and student-driven discovery.

Chaperone Responsibilities
  • Chaperones are responsible for helping to keep their groups together while they are at the AICH.
  • Chaperones should support student learning and exploration taking place on the tour, by assisting the docent or teacher when necessary.
  • Chaperones should be familiar with AICH guidelines. (see above)

Hands-On Art Experiences
AICH offers students several opportunities for to experience Asian culture through hands-on activities.

Educator Resources
View our online resources for educators.